Performance Nutrition

Fueling for competition and training can be confusing. Here we set forth some basic principles to guide you to your individual performance nutrition demands.




Dynamic Warm-Up

Begin with these dynamic warm-ups and stretches.
Progress this workout to 2X10 each after six weeks.
Squats 1X10
Walking Lunges 1X10
Zombie Walk 1X10
High Knee Skips 1X10
Leg Swings to the Side 1X10
Leg Swings Front to Back 1X10
Carioca 1X10

Video Analysis

Parker Performance provides underwater video analysis to identify stroke inefficiencies and provide corrections. 



Press-outs are excellent for developing shoulder and lat strength to maintain an early vertical forearm in freestyle swimming. Use this exercise after two swims each week, and begin with 2 sets of 10 push-outs. Add an additional set when you feel stronger.