Winter Running Requires Preparation

Getting dressed and headed out the door for a winter workout can be a monumental challenge in cold and snowy weather. Meeting this challenge is instrumental in maintaining and building winter fitness. For those training for a winter or spring marathon, it is crucial to build aerobic endurance with steady long runs. Having a trusted plan of action will reduce the mental cost of completing the activity and increase compliance. Having confidence in the clothing you wear, the fuel you consume, and the route you run, is critical to reducing the barriers to getting outside. Identifying routes that are likely to be snow and ice free will reduce the risk associated with poor footing. Even the best routes in winter are likely to contain segments littered with snow and ice. Therefore, it is important to PREPARE for running on varied terrain with poor traction. Running in these conditions introduces new muscular movements not typically encountered in dry environments. The potential for strained and sore muscles is increased. Preparing with a dynamic warmup that introduces exercises in multiple movement planes is key. The following dynamic warmup was designed to be completed after ten minutes of easy running and does not require additional equipment. We recommend this warmup be completed before EVERY run, but especially during winter conditions. With familiarity it can be performed quickly, and offers a significant return for the time invested in the form of injury reduction and prevention. While winter running presents many challenges to overcome, injury should not be one of them! GET OUT THERE!

Start with 1X10 each exercise and progress to 2X10 after six weeks. Next, watch for our resistance bands warmup video.