Jessica Bratus

Jessica is a Master Bicycle Fit Expert with 10 years of professional experience. In the Spring of 2015 she founded fitmi!, a dedicated bicycle fit studio and custom bicycle dealership in Ann Arbor, MI.  She has certifications from Serotta, F.I.S.T., FitKit, and was one of the first handful of bike fit professionals to pass Specialized's Certified Master Body Geometry exam under Dr. Andy Pruitt. Throughout the years, Jessica has optimized bike geometry and resolved fit issues for professional triathletes, olympians, and competitive cyclists, and takes equal pleasure in fitting beginning cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, and commuters.  No matter how experienced the cyclist, she understands the value of sharing knowledge during the fitting process, thus taking great care in explaining the reasons behind the positioning and adjustments along the way.  She views professional bicycle fitting as dynamic and interactive, and takes feedback and cyclists’ concerns seriously.  


Ann Arbor Running Co.

Nicholas Stanko and Ian Forsyth

Why Ann Arbor Running Company?... because WE CARE! We know what it feels like to run your best, to run your worst, and everything in between. Our staff is here to support you through thick and thin. At Ann Arbor Running Company we use our experience to select only the best products available and the ones that we truly believe in. All employees at Ann Arbor Running Company go through our world famous Shoe School and must graduate at the top of their class.

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